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Work with us

How do we interact

You can trust IniXium to provide you with solid continuous knowledge-based information to accelerate your drug discovery programs.  From our first contact, we immediately establish strong links with your scientists to understand their needs and challenges in order to serve you better. 

Before starting

  • Initial phone introduction
  • Mutual non-disclosure agreement signature
  • Teleconference for in depth discussion of your objectives, needs and timelines
  • IniXium’ scientific analysis of the project
  • Milestones or FTE-based proposal submitted with cost and timelines 
  • Master service and service agreement draft and signatures

During the work

  • Scientist to scientist continuous interactions through email
  • Bi-weekly teleconferences for regular status reports
  • Regular data transfers through your secure cloud sharing or ours
  • Flexible ad hoc meetings and objective modifications

After the work

  • Final report with full summary of the work done
  • Final pdb and electron density map files
  • Support for structure deposition and publications
  • Transfer of any material you require to repeat the work in-house