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The latest step in our journey: NuChem Sciences
We are excited to share that on April 01, 2024 IniXium will merge with “NuChem Sciences (our sole shareholder) and we will adopt their corporate name. This change signifies our growth and global integration but won't affect our collaboration or the services you trust. Expect the same dedication and innovative solutions.
IniXium is now a division of Sygnature Discovery

Stakes are high, aim for excellence

The initiation of a drug discovery journey is a high stake endeavour. The best path to your success is to start with a trustworthy partner that will provide you with crucial, knowledge-based information in the most efficient and timely manner. IniXium is a privately owned contract research organisation (CRO) operating in a pure service mode to serve the drug discovery community. Our dedicated protein experts offer a broad range of services in protein crystallography and biophysics to support the drug discovery efforts of any drug hunter on the planet.

Click on your business and discover how IniXium’s team can provide you with critical and reliable scientific information specific to your industry