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Protein production

Because of the stringent requirement of high-quality protein for X-ray crystallography, our protein production experts guarantee the highest grade protein that will serve all your assay needs and support the crystallization efforts. 

E. coli expression

For ease of manipulation, cost effectiveness and speed of production. We have designed a series of expression vectors (pINX) that offer ample choices of tagging for solubility enhancement, purification and downstream processing with tag cleavage possibility.
Once subcloned, expression screening is streamlined in carefully selected commercial and in-house modified E. coli strains for optimal expression of soluble protein. Scale-up is achieved in shake flasks up to 10L scale or fermenters. We typically aim for 20-30 mg of >95% pure protein for the structural work but can deliver hundreds of milligrams if your assay requires it.

Mammalian cell expression

It is no secret that human proteins are challenging to express in E. coli, and for some targets, post-translational modifications (PTMs) may be required. For these E. coli unfriendly targets, we use a proven mammalian cell expression system. This system is highly efficient in providing tens of milligrams of protein whether secreted or intracellular. After synthesis of a codon optimized sequence, the target gene is inserted in a proprietary expression vector and expression is screened in small scale in CHO and HEK293 cells. Expression is confirmed by western blot, and small-scale purification is done to evaluate yield and activity prior to large scale expression in the chosen condition. The large scale can be anywhere between 5L and 100L.

Protein purification

Proteins are live creatures that need to be treated with particular care. Protein scientists at IniXium understand these needs, and apply their skills to maximize success. Protein purification is achieved on Akta systems using perfusion chromatography enabling high speed and fast recovery of the target. Using traditional chromatography methods (Affinity, HIC, IEX, SEC), our experts can purify hundreds of milligrams of protein in less than a week. Quality criteria are of the highest level required for your needs. Proteins ready for crystallization or screening are >95% pure, have minimal aggregation, and are formulated to provide high stability.