Structural biology experts

IniXium is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing scientific expertise in Structural Biology.

Experts in protein chemistry, crystallization and X-ray structure determination

Enabler of structure assisted drug discovery

From gene to structure to fragment screening

Drug Discovery Accelerator

Three-dimensional structures of protein provide crucial experimental data to enable structure assisted drug design and accelerate the drug discovery process. In recent years, X-ray crystallography combined with fragment based hit generation (FBHG) has emerged as a powerful tool to generate this data. At IniXium, we establish a road map for your drug discovery project. Our services will support you from the fragment screening stage up to the lead identification and optimization, and beyond.

protein structure

Services in Protein Crystallography

  • Gene to Structure
  • Protein crystallization
  • De novo structure determination
  • Fragment screening
  • Fragment to lead optimization support

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Business Model

  • Scientist to scientist direct interaction to elaborate a research strategy that best suits your needs
  • We operate in a fee-for-service,  IP-free mode, which means that all results belong to your organization
  • We offer you the best quality service and timelines to accelerate your drug discovery projects